Password directory gives you less stress of remembering many password of your day to day life dealings.Just remember only one password and stay happy.This software will take care of the rest. Ealbum keep your memories always fresh and chersing.This product releases you from the stress of loosing any memorable events.Ediary can be used as a personal diary -- (you can write happening/event's of life). other problem which is faced by the people are maintaining directory and remembering particular things at right time.Again mihira technology is ready with a diary which will cater the individual and even corporate individuals to address this issue.

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Cinque Terre

Password directory is a software in which forgetting password cannot be disastrous as it is kept safe in one place. No Need to remember all passwords .It doesn't allow someone to access the userid without your permission .simple to use and deploy. it will reminds you expiring user id and password.

E-ALBUM is a software where we can stores photographs and videos occasionaly wise and there will be no issues to find it. First we have to login the page by user id and password and then we can easily find it by selecting category and description and then the photographs or videos will appear on the screen.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Ediary helps you to store telephone directory. you can search it by name, mobile/phone number and also by status( friends , banker , customer etc).Moreover it will maintain your habit of diary writing with photographs and it will help you about special moment like birthday ,anniversary etc. it will inform you about your meeting and other schedule on a day to day basis.

Product Details

Password Directory

  • Can maintain category wise userid and password Ex : E-Mail, ATM etc.
  • Maintain your password and userid in one place.
  • Your password is secure in it.


  • Keep images/videos captured through mobile and digital gadgets.
  • View category wise photographs and videos.
  • No need to keep hard copies of images


  • Store your telephone directory, Search by name, mobile no. and also by status.
  • Reminds special moment like birthdays, aniversary etc.
  • Ediary can be used as a personal diary.

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