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The performance of Mihira Technology has improved drastically. With the passing time, we could make things happen in various fronts. We were successful in Branding the Organization in and around Jamshedpur. We are in continuous process of recruiting marketing/sales personnel along with supporting personnel for providing quality service to our clients. We are in the process of distributing Marketing and supporting jobs to Business Associates and Business Builders who will be responsible for generating market for our products throughout India.
Though we are the leaders in Domestic market, Many customers are falling prey to fresher?s who have inadequate knowledge in programming or incomplete or not programmed as desired resulting loss of investment made on Software. This message has been communicated from our existing Customer who has shown interest in Software/Web Development We maintain quality in our service and truly committed to our job. We, therefore, want to make all the Indian business community and individuals to stand with Mihira Technology, so that they can avail service from us in the area of software and web development at a very competitive cost. We on our part ensure timely completion of software. Mihira Technology always expects serving individual, NGOs, Charitable Institution, Small and Medium Size organization. We are creating awareness about the situation of the earth which is a serious concern to the entire world i.e. global warming primarily among students and other communities. To eliminate the seriousness of the issue, Mihira Technology is also contributing in a small way by introducing products like E-Dairy, E-Album, Password Directory, Nano Wallet (Details given below). By Contributing towards these products, we feel that this will help the earth in following ways: These products will reduce the consumption of papers as many of us use papers in writing diaries and other things. Reduction in paper consumption minimizes deforestation which leads to a considerable step towards global warming Minimizing deforestation means we are making our life more safe as one tree provides oxygen to only two person. According to recent study 35% of our earth should cover with trees but now it is 20% It is our sole responsibility to save earth.

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Oct 2020

We have developed some products for individual users for which we have received an overwhelming response. I am thankful to all those who was involved in the survey, who has shown their keen interest on software products and also to all individual who has purchased the product. Our marketing team has surveyed and found that individual people have various problems. And to reduce their problems, our operation team has prepared very user friendly software in the following areas:
Nano wallet - Helps to manage Investment
Password Directory ? preserve password
E Diary- Maintain address, can write diary,remember B?days and other occasions and many more features
E Album ? Can keep photos, videos in organised manner
View the benefit of products in detail from Product list
We have now introduced a new Project known as "Contact Globally" wherein we are offering all segment of Business Communities : to display their business address to enable concerned customers to contact you creating access to the entire world. to find the possibility of business expansion by the required customers thereby introducing themselves before the entire world with a minimum one page content in the web, if website does not exist else the link to their website, so that information about customers can be fetched. to enable home delivery of their products for the customers interested.


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