Our Services

We understand the requirement of our customers. Our stake holders as customers are school going children, teenagers, business community, schools and all individual. Our service aim is to make every life easy. We are briefing about our services below:

Software Development

We are dealing with two types of software viz. general and customized. General Software implies to the software which is prepared with the help of experienced people to serve a particular community like Schools, Retailers, Restaurant, Wholesalers, Contractors, Builders etc. Customized Software is being prepared as per the requirement of a community or organization. For customized software we understand the business process and prepare the software as desired by the user.

Web Development

Web is very important for the survival of business. One cannot concentrate on a single market. The approach of the business community cannot be restricted to a particular place and hence web is a tool through which one can access the market throughout the world. Web is also a creative and empowering communication tool which brings an organization closer to various customers.


We have started IT Training. There will be two types of training i.e. Basic Training and Advance Training. We have realised that a huge number of people are yet to be computer friendly. Unless and until majority of the people become computer friendly, development of nation will be slow. The candidate will be provided with right materials to understand about a subject and their use in Basic Training and in advance training. They will be given sufficient knowledge on computers. At present this facility is available only in Jamshedpur.

We are very soon going to start R & D Division. The division will be responsible for giving value added services to our customers in the upcoming days. Our aim is to provide cost effective products and services to our customers accepting the adaptability of technology. They will also bring excellent candidates in the field of IT by way of training.

We have a very efficient management team who handles the grim situation very brilliantly and we always deliver the product in time, subject to support from the end user and dependent agencies. We also believe in continuous improvement.

Mihira Technology always looks forward to serve the society in a more innovative way. We are competent in VB. VB.net, ASP.Net, C#, Java and back end Access, SQL and Oracle. We are in the process of implementing few more platforms.

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